The options that control HiGHS are of four types: boolean, integer, double and string. Their values can be specified:

  • via the command line when running the Executable
  • via method calls when running HiGHS in an application.

Options file

When running the Executable via the command line, some options values can be set explicitly in the command, and all options can be set by means of an options file.

A sample options file, giving documentation of all the options is written to the console by the command:

$ bin/highs --options_file=""

Option methods

To set the value of option name, call:

status = h.setOptionValue(name, value)

where the value passed can be an identifier of the appropriate type, or an explicit value.

To get the value of option name, call:

[status, value] = h.getOptionValue(name)

To get the type of option name, call:

[status, type] = h.getOptionType(name)

Examples of calls to options methods are given in the examples section.