Language interfaces

There are HiGHS interfaces for C, C#, FORTRAN, Julia and Python in HiGHS/interfaces, with example driver files in HiGHS/examples.


  • A Julia interface is available at HiGHS.jl.


  • HiGHS can be used from rust through the highs crate. The rust linear programming modeler good_lp supports HiGHS.


HiGHS can be used from javascript directly inside a web browser thanks to highs-js. See the demo and the npm package.


Set custom options with -D<option>=<value> during the configuration step ( cmake .. ):


    path to GAMS system: enables building of GAMS interface

If build with GAMS interface, then HiGHS can be made available as solver in GAMS by adding an entry for HiGHS to the file gmscmpun.txt in the GAMS system folder (gmscmpnt.txt on Windows):

HIGHS 11 5 0001020304 1 0 2 LP RMIP
/path/to/ his 1 1


  • OSI_ROOT :

    path to COIN-OR/Osi build/install folder (OSI_ROOT/lib/pkg-config/osi.pc should exist)